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Top 10 Safety and Compliance Consulting Companies in UK - 2021

Regulatory compliance represents a significant challenge for the construction industry – and manufacturers supplying this vital sector. The number and reach of relevant regulations are extensive, covering fields as diverse as workers’ health and safety, the efficacy of building materials and products, and the legality of construction contracts.

Integrated technology like an ERP for construction can streamline compliance across an organization by giving everyone from the back office to those working in the field access to the real-time information they need. Such type of software solution can also include workflows that automatically collect and track compliance documents. Additionally, many contractors find dedicated compliance software solutions useful. These applications are built into some construction ERP platforms and can integrate with others for ease of use, and they serve as a portal for all things compliance-related. Within them, one can manage documents, set up alerts for compliance documents that are expiring soon, and even manage subcontractors’ compliance documentation.

The moral of the story is that staying compliant with the plethora of regulations that an individual might face in the construction industry requires planning, streamlined processes and access to information. With this in mind, in the last few months, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of Construction Tech Review have reviewed hundreds of technology service providers in the Construction Tech world and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of mitigating the challenges the companies face, by helping CIOs in choosing the right solution for their enterprises. The companies listed in this issue exhibit vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering innovative storage technology solutions, enhancing speed, security, and accuracy of applications. Construction Tech Review presents to you the ‘Top 10 Safety and Compliance Consulting Companies in UK - 2021.’

    Top Safety and Compliance Consulting Companies in UK

  • Ligtas Limited is a health, safety, and environmental consultancy service provider that helps construction companies stay compliant with safety regulations. It has UK-wide experts, working with clients as a trusted provider to help protect their employees and keep their brand reputation safe. Saving the client's time takes the worry out of health and safety. It doesn't follow trends and uses a customer-centered approach

  • Lucion Services is a market-leading testing, inspection, and consultancy providing trusted, accredited, and certified hazardous material and risk management services in the UK and internationally with the aim of making the world a safer place to live. The company has tasked itself with taking its compliance expertise and knowledge to clients in the environmental, infrastructure, and marine sectors. The specialists at Lucion adhere to the highest industry standards, working diligently to deliver the clients’ project requirements on time. Besides, Lucion’s in-house asbestos laboratory operates seven days a week, processing up to 6,000 bulk samples (in line with UKAS restrictions).

  • Principal CDM & Safety is an independent CDM, Principal Design and Safety Consultancy that offers impartial advice and assistance specifically focusing on CDM’15 and safety in the construction sector. Having effectively delivered the role of Planning Supervisor & CDM Coordinator, it is ideally placed to continue this skill set into the provision of the CDM Advisor & Principal Designer roles. It aims at ensuring that Clients and Design Teams have access to competent advice and assistance whilst demonstrating best practices and value for money

  • Summers-Inman are Construction and Property Consultants, specialising in Quantity Surveying, Project &Programme Management, Building Surveying, Health & Safety Management, and Environmental Advisory services. It has been providing a diverse range of Construction Consultancy services to clients, on a national and international basis, for 100 years. Working in virtually every sector, it tailors its services to the needs of its clients and their investments, to ensure projects are delivered more effectively, efficiently, sustainably, and economically

  • Acorn Health and Safety

    Acorn Health and Safety

    As a leading provider of health and safety in the South West Acorn offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services and training courses. Acorn Health and Safety Consultancy helps businesses to improve safety, reduce risk, gain certification, develop best practice and handle health and safety issues in a pragmatic and cost effective manner. Acorn’s outstanding course portfolio includes First Aid at Work, IOSH Managing Safely, people handling, manual handling, health and safety, food safety, live fire training, defibrillation and COSHH – just some of the areas where Acorn excel

  • C&C Consulting Services

    C&C Consulting Services

    Complying with Health & Safety and HR legislation can be a complicated business. That’s why C&C Consulting is trusted by organisations across many different industries to help them remain legally compliant as well as achieving high performance levels. With a strong focus on building client relationships, our extensive range of services provides every client with the control and freedom they need to run their business. From tailored documentation, systems, contracts, audits, policies and procedures, C&C's expert team of consultants are highly knowledgeable and their honest delivery keeps business on track

  • Complete Health & Safety

    Complete Health & Safety

    Complete Health & Safety Ltd are a Sussex based company specialising in the provision of highly professional but cost effective health and safety consultancy and training services. Over the years Complete Health & Safety have gained expertise in many sectors including construction, manufacturing, offices, warehouses, retailing etc. The majority of the company's consultancy and training assignments are undertaken in the South East, with regular clients in Sussex, Surrey and Kent

  • Green Hat Consulting

    Green Hat Consulting

    Green Hat Consulting are a group of experienced industry experts with a real passion for improving the construction industry. They are innovators and influencers with leaders and technical specialists ready to support construction companies at every stage of the project cycle. Green Hat Consulting knows from experience that every client is different with different requirements and concerns. The company works with forward looking clients understanding and delivering their needs and providing reassurance

  • Hudson Health & Safety Services

    Hudson Health & Safety Services

    Offers health and safety support, training and advice, to a wide range of business, with a focus on the construction industry. The company can assist with an extensive range of provisions, from a simple, one-off piece of advice, right through to becoming outsourced health and safety manager. This could involve a complete overhaul of systems and procedures, or elements from most stops along that route, to suit client’s needs and budgets. Hudson Health & Safety Services were established in 1994, and came into being at the same time as the CDM Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, the current revision being CDM 2015

  • South Wales Safety Consultancy

    South Wales Safety Consultancy

    By law, (Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 section 2 (3)) if one employx five or more employees they must have a written health and safety policy. The policy sets out how that individual manages health and safety in their respective organisation by stating who does what, and when and how it will be done. South Wales Safety Consultancy produce health and safety policy that assists with all your everyday health & safety needs, including SSiP submissions and PPQs. SWSC specialise in providing workplace safety services to industry. The company offers advice and assistance with almost any type of issue relating to safety, fire and occupational health in the workplace. Irrespective of the company size, appointing SWSC as H&S Advisors will add significant value to organisation

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